This abstract is summarized by IPR from the original journal article published in the Public Relations Review

David Radanovich explored  the under-representation of Hispanics/Latinos in the public relations profession by conducting focused interviews with Hispanic practitioners.

The author conducted focused interviews with Hispanic practitioners

Key Findings:

  • Public relations was not the initial career choice for Hispanic practitioners
  • The three barriers for Hispanics entering the profession are misconception, provincialism and language
  • Some attractions to attract more Hispanics to the profession are awareness, support infrastructure and cultural relevance.

Read more to learn about the under-representation of Hispanics in the public relations profession.


Radanovich, D. (2014). A pilot qualitative study of the under-representation of Hispanics in public relations. Public Relations Review, 40(5), 835-837. doi:10.1016/j.pubrev.2014.10.003

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