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Honeywell examined the sentiment and progress of Environmental Sustainability (ES) initiatives on a global basis.

A survey of 653 professionals directly involved in the planning, strategic development, implementation, or oversight of environmental sustainability goals and initiatives was conducted April 1–Sept. 30, 2022.

Key findings include:
1.) 65% of professionals surveyed said sustainability goals are one of their company’s top five priorities.
— Most organizations said they are prioritizing energy efficiency over other ES initiatives.
2.) 50% of organizations plan to increase budgets related to emissions reduction by more than 20% over the coming year.
3.) Despite energy evolution and efficiency being the top ES priority, circularity and recycling was the initiative with the most extreme success over the past 12 months (59%).
4.) Fewer than half of all organizations said they are “extremely optimistic” about achieving their ES goals over the coming year.
— Organizations in Latin America lead all other regions in “extreme optimism” for achieving ES goals.

Find the original report here.

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