Understanding the antecedents of green consumer behavior (GCB) is crucial for creating effective green marketing communications. The traditional attitude-behavior relationship model excludes affective factors (i.e. emotion), partially leading to inconsistent research findings. To better understand the antecedents of green consumer behavior, this study considers both affective and cognitive (i.e. knowledge) factors.

A survey was distributed to 381 Malaysian adults who resided in major cities. The data was analyzed through principal component analysis and structural equation modeling.

Insights & Implications
A positive correlation was found between consumers’ emotional affinity towards nature and environmental values and green consumer behavior that is consistent across genders. Meanwhile, cognitive factors did not appear to have significant influence on green consumer behavior. This emotional affinity suggests that green marketing communications rooted in moral and emotional appeal induces green consumer behavior.

Taufique, K. R. (2020). Integrating environmental values and emotion in green marketing
communications inducing sustainable consumer behaviour. Journal of Marketing

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The article is available online here.

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