This abstract is summarized by IPR from the original journal article published in the Public Relations Review.

The authors of this study addressed members of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) and their concerns with issues surrounding gender and work-life balance, specifically gender equity in promotion and salaries. This study examines the concerns of public relations pre-professionals as they perceive their future careers, finding variance between male and female perceptions.

The authors used a survey method, specifically an online census of PRSSA members, surveying a total of 566 pre-professionals.

Key Findings:
·       Respondents most agreed that “it is important that organizations employing public relations practitioners have parental leave policies”.
·       Male respondents tended to agree less than did female respondents that “men are promoted more quickly than women in most public relations employment situations.”
o   Similarly, men agreed less than did women that “it is more difficult for women than it is for men to reach the top in public relations.”
·       Men agreed significantly less than did women that “generally women receive lower salaries than men for doing comparable public relations work.”

Read more to learn about future professionals’ perceptions of work, life, and gender issues in public relations.


Sha, B., & Toth, E. L. (2005). Future professionals’ perceptions of work, life, and gender issues in public relations. Public Relations Review, 31(1), 93-99. doi:10.1016/j.pubrev.2004.09.004

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