This abstract is summarized by IPR from the original journal article published in the Journal of Media Critiques.

Researchers investigated gender bias in the public relations industry in Klang Valley, Malaysia. The study also examines the impact of gender bias on practitioners’ work performance, if any gender bias is observed.

The Feminist Standpoint Theory served as a framework for this study. Key findings revealed that gender bias is not prevalent in Malaysia due to cultural diversity and company policies. Researchers stated that the priorities of the public relations agencies and organizations studied favored employee performance and competence over gender.

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Manickam, Y., Chin, T. S., & Ayub, S. H. (2016). Gender Bias In The Public Relations Industry In Malaysia: Comparing Public Relations Practitioners’ Job Functions, Incomes, and Career Prospects. Journal of Media Critiques, 2(8), 9. doi:10.17349/jmc116200

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