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The Edelman Trust Institute examined individuals’ perspectives of the economy, businesses, and social issues.

Online interviews of 32,000 participants were conducted between Nov. 1-28, 2022 in 28 countries.

Key findings include:

— The economy was a source of anxiety globally, with 89% of all respondents saying they are worried about job loss.
— The government is the least trusted institution globally (51%), with businesses being the most trusted (62%).
— Argentina (20%) and South Africa (22%) had the lowest percentages of trust in their governments.
— When considering working for a company, 69% of respondents said it is a “deal breaker” if the company does not partake in corporate social responsibility (CSR).
— Respondents said businesses are not doing enough in terms of climate change (53%), economic inequality (50%), and energy shortages (50%).

Discover global perspectives on the economy, businesses, and social issues

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