Accenture’s Marco Ziegler and Christine Rauh explored LGBTQ employees’ experiences and challenges in the workplace.An online survey of 28,000 LGBTQ employees in organizations across 26 countries was conducted from October through November 2019.

Key findings include:

  • 31% of LGBTQ employees are fully open about their gender identity/expression or sexual orientation at work.
  • This figure falls to 21% among those in senior leadership positions.
  • 57% of employees believe their gender identity/expression or sexual orientation has slowed their progress at work.
  • 71% of LGBTQ employees say “seeing people like me” in senior leadership positions is important to helping them thrive.
  • 71% of respondents say that the support of their non-LGBTQ colleagues is “important to their ability to enjoy being at work.”

Read more to discover how the LBGTQ+ employee experience influences their ability to succeed at work.

Location: Available online, here.

Ziegler, M., & Rauh, C. (2020). Visible Growth; Invisible Fears Getting to Equal 2020: Pride. Retrieved from

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