Public relations measurement and evaluation practices have been major subjects for practitioners and academician research from the late 1970s onwards. This chapter will commence with a brief survey of the historical evolution of the research into these practices. Then, we will discuss James E. Grunig’s enduring contribution to their theorization, particularly with financial and non-financial indicators of public relations value. Next, we will consider the current debate on financial indicators, focusing on Return on Investment and alternative methods of financial vlauation. Finally, we will look to the future at the measurement and evaluation practices that will attract academic and practitioner research interest.

Note: Fraser and Tom’s chapter, Measuring the Edifice: Public Relations Measurement and Evaluation Practice Over the Course of 40 Years (pp. 143-162) comes from a “festschrift” (a celebratory book) for Professors Jim and Lauri Grunig, which was edited by Professors Krishnamurthy Sriramesh and Ansgar Zerfass and Dr Jeong-Nam Kim. The book’s title is Public Relations and Communication Management: Current Trends and Emerging Topics. It is published by Routledge.

PDF: Measuring the Edifice
Public Relations Measurement and Evaluation Practices Over the Course of 40 Years
Fraser Likely and Tom Watson
October 15, 2013

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