Institute for Public Relations Position Description
Project and Outreach Manager

The Project and Outreach Manager (POM) will support the goals of the Institute for Public Relations by working on a variety of programs and projects that support the mission of the organization.

The POM will be in charge of specific projects at IPR and report to the CEO. The POM will also work closely with the IPR Director of Research on research-related activities, and the Director of Communications on promotional and media-related activities. The breakdown of this position is as follows (and is a general approximation): 25% project manager; 25% operations/events; 25% development; and 25% social media. The POM will manage budgeting and documenting of the assigned projects. All aspects of the position will require evaluation through metrics that will be reported to the CEO and to the Board. The POM develops professional goals annually; progress will be evaluated quarterly.

Project Manager (25%): The POM will work closely with the Director of Research on projects and activities, such as literature reviews, research reports, and studies. As a project manager, the POM will help manage the deadlines of the projects and coordinate meetings of the Commissions and Centers of Excellence.

Development (25%): The POM will be strategic in this function and proactive, identifying opportunities to get prospects and supporters involved. The POM will help manage and develop sponsorship opportunities/materials (including DonorPerfect), and develop a strategic plan for development. The POM will serve on the Development Committee and will support the CEO’s development goals, scheduling and preparing meetings and sending collateral materials to interested parties and prospective donors/Trustees/supporters. The POM should be strategic and thoughtful, manage multiple projects, while thinking of the long-range needs of the organization while operating in a proactive manner. This may include sending collateral materials to interested parties and prospective donors/Trustees/supporters.

Operations and Events (25%): The POM will direct the events & promotions of the Distinguished Lecture and assist with other programs and events of IPR globally. The POM will need to have the ability to handle and manage last-minute changes and must be able to pay attention to detail. The POM will also coordinate the IPR student award research programs and help with the Research Symposiums.

Social Media (25%): The POM will be primarily responsible for IPR’s social media properties. Coordinating with the Director of Communications, the Communication Assistants, and graphic designers for content and promotion is critical. The POM will develop a strategic plan for social media, and package/distribute social media posts, with a focus on engagement.

Job Qualification: This is a virtual position that will require travel (approximately five trips per year). The ideal candidate will have a bachelor’s degree and a minimum of two years of demonstrated experience in a related field, preferably in the public relations industry.  The candidate is expected to deliver professional work, and will be reliable, organized, professional, and detail-oriented. A positive and professional attitude with an ability to be flexible and adapt in a fast-paced, nonprofit environment is a must as well as strong interpersonal skills. As part of a collaborative team, you will have an opportunity to contribute your ideas and make a difference in the industry.

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to no later than January 31, 2019.

About the Institute for Public Relations:
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