IPR is featuring some of the many women PR pioneers and modern-day heroes to celebrate Women’s History Month

Doris Fleischman was born in July 1891. She graduated from Barnard College and started writing for the New York Tribune women’s page in 1913. She was then promoted to assistant Sunday editor.

In 1919, she was hired by Edward L. Bernays as a staff writer at his organization Edward L. Bernays, Council on Public Relations. She and Bernays created effective campaigns to promote everything from oil sales to presidential candidates. She married Bernays in 1922 and was given an equal partnership in the organization. One of her key accomplishments was creating an internal client publication and getting press coverage for the NAACP convention in Atlanta. Doris Fleischman was a multi-talented woman and was an American writer, public relations executive, and feminist activist. She died on July 10, 1980.

Women that Lead the Way of Public Relations

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