Dr. Kim Golombisky explored feminist scholarship in public relations, particularly in terms of how it can be adjusted in the future to become more diverse and inclusive. The researcher argues that current feminist scholarship in public relations is limited to the white, first-world perspective.

Dr. Golombisky recommends that future researchers do the following when building theory:
–       Reclaim Lana Rakow’s communication model of gender (1986) as performative to accommodate embodiment and multiple fluid identifications across context and time.
–       Make defining diverse women through intersectionality common practice.
–       Build on equality goals to encompass social justice goals that expand and serve the mission of public relations beyond the organization.

Read more to learn how public relations scholars can foster inclusivity in future feminist theory building.

This article is available online here (abstract free, purchase full article).

Kim Golombisky (2015) Renewing the Commitments of Feminist Public Relations Theory From Velvet Ghetto to Social Justice, Journal of Public Relations Research, 27:5, 389-415, DOI: 10.1080/1062726X.2015.1086653

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