The RJ-IPR is the Institute’s free, open-access, peer-reviewed scholarly journal designed to bridge the research gap between the academy and the practice.

Aim & Scope

The goal of the Research Journal of the Institute for Public Relations is to rapidly share results of important research findings that explore the science beneath the art of public relations™ and are applicable to public relations practice.

About the RJ-IPR

The RJ-IPR is an open-access, fully peer reviewed, rapid publication journal designed to lead the way in advancing research in the fields of public relations, communication and corporate communication. Unlike many rapid publication academic journals that charge author’s fees of thousands of dollars, the Institute for Public Relations will cover all RJ-IPR costs thus eliminating any need for author’s fees.

Who Will Read the RJ-IPR?

Unlike most scholarly journals that do not have significant readership beyond the academic community, we anticipate the RJ-IPR will be read not only by public relations and corporate communication scholars but also by practitioners. The IPR Board of Trustees includes nearly 50 of the world’s most senior public relations executives, all of whom strongly support the Journal’s attempts at advancing research that matters to the practice.

RJ-IPR’s Scholarly and Clinical Peer Review

Publication decisions about the contents of the RJ-IPR are made by the Editor in consultation with input from scholarly and clinical peer reviewers. The Journal’s Editorial Review Board will be comprised of noted scholars and practitioners including all members of the Institute’s distinguished Research Fellows. In an attempt to maintain high standards in the eyes of both the academic and professional communities, prior to publication in RJ-IPR articles undergo a rigorous, double-blind, peer review involving scholars and practitioners. The scholarly peer review is designed to judge potential articles on their academic merit including research methodology while the clinical peer review will explore the potential influence and impact articles might have on public relations practice.

Why Publish in RJ-IPR?

There are many reasons why scholars might be interested in publishing in the Research Journal of the Institute for Public relations including:

  • Rapid publication.
  • Open-access options for current and archived issues.
  • No fee for publication.
  • No page limits.
  • Free electronic reprints.
  • Free use of color.
  • Ability to incorporate media other than Word and PDF files (PowerPoint, video clips, etc.).
  • Opportunities for readers to provide instant comments about published articles

How to Contribute an Article

Those interested in having their research published in RJ-IPR should send a brief abstract and a two-page (single spaced) executive summary to

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