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The 2017 European Communication Monitor survey is based on responses from 3,387 communication professionals in 50 countries. Detailed analyses are available for 20 countries and different types of organizations (companies, non-profits, governmental, agencies). The study was organized by the European Public Relations Education and Research Association (EUPRERA) and the European Association of Communication Directors (EACD), supported by partner PRIME Research.

Key insights

  • Visualisation: 94% of communicators believe in a rising importance for strategic communication, but competencies and processes are still nascent
  • Social bots: 73% confirm ethical challenges; only 15% of organisations will use social bots until 2018
  • Hypermodernity: cultural transformation influences stakeholder relations
  • Benchmarking: less common in communications compared to other funcstions, mainly focused on messaging activities (up to 51%)

Research Team and Authors
Ansgar Zerfass, Prof. Dr., University of Leipzig (GE) – Lead Researcher
Ralph Tench, Prof. Dr., Leeds Beckett University (UK)
Dejan Vercic, Prof. Dr., University of Ljubljana (SI)
Piet Verhoeven, Assoc. Prof. Dr., University of Amsterdam (NL)
Angeles Moreno, Prof. Dr., University Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid (ES)

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