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Author(s), Title and Publication Obushenkova, E., Plester, B., & Haworth, N. (2018). Manager-employee psychological contracts: Enter the smartphone. Employee Relations, 40(2), 193-207. doi.org/10.1108/ER-02-2017-0040 Summary When an organization adopts communication technology, or provides devices to employees, it can change expectations regarding communication, flexibility and connectivity – and by extension, the psychological contract. Ideally employees can maintain … Continue reading Manager-Employee Psychological Contracts: Enter the Smartphone

  Author(s), Title and Publication Stephens, K. K. (2012). Multiple conversations during organizational meetings: Development of the multicommunicating scale. Management Communication Quarterly, 26(2), 195-223. Summary This study explored how people use mobile devices to communicate with others during organizational meetings. Based on Rennecker, Dennis, and Hansen’s (2010) qualitative dimensions of people’s instant messaging behavior in … Continue reading Multiple Conversations During Organizational Meetings: Development of the Multicommunicating Scale