Mohammad Hamid is a senior communications & marketing counselor providing timely, data-driven counsel to mission-driven corporations, non-profits, and emerging technology companies. Known for his agility and flexibility, Mo’s approach to communications and marketing synthesizes Madison Avenue creativity, Bay-area innovation, and Motor City grit.

Previously, Mo was the Chief Executive Officer of Unison — a media monitoring and analytics firm that specialized in heavily regulated industries. Mo led development of the firm’s data science product and led the company’s commercial engagements until the company was acquired in 2019.

Mo specializes in the creation, management, and measurement of complex, multi-stakeholder campaigns. He has shaped his public offers perspective based on his experience with supporting leading brands in heavily regulated industries such as automotive, energy, telecommunications, and financial services. Because of his experience as a data-scientist, Mo is often asked to improve the precision with which brands measure communications efforts, especially as it pertains to measuring ROI. His analytics projects, along with his work in Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainability have been covered in premiere publications such as The New York Times, Financial Times, and The Conference Board Journal.

From a technical standpoint, the plurality of Mo’s work has been focused on measuring and improving ROI/performance. In this domain, Mo has created innovative attribution and marketing-mix-modeling approaches that enable, creative, holistic, multi-modal measurement techniques, many of which have been used by the world’s largest advertising & public relations agencies.