More than 70 public relations professionals, academics and measurement experts gathered in Portsmouth, NH on October 6-8 for the Institute’s 8th annual Summit on Measurement. If you want the links and highlights, visit the social media hub created for the event by Tim Marklein and his digital team at Weber Shandwick.

More on the Barcelona Declaration of Research Principles

Among the sessions was a panel moderated by Peter Wengryn, CEO of VMS, and including Marklein and Mike Daniels, director at Report International. They provided an update on the Barcelona Declaration of Research Principles – including several recommendations to advance these new global standards for PR measurement and evaluation.

The declaration of standards and practices to guide measurement and evaluation of public relations was first presented in Barcelona in June and adopted by delegates attending at the 2nd European Summit on Measurement, organized by AMEC and the Institute for Public Relations.

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Discussion and feedback is actively being sought on the Barcelona Principles and their practical application.

  1. Importance of Goal Setting and Measurement
  2. Measuring the Effect on Outcomes is Preferred to Measuring Outputs
  3. The Effect on Business Results Can and Should Be Measured Where Possible
  4. Media Measurement Requires Quantity and Quality
  5. AVEs are not the Value of Public Relations
  6. Social Media Can and Should be Measured
  7. Transparency and Replicability are Paramount to Sound Measurement

What’s next?

With additional comment from the global PR measurement community, the Barcelona Principles will be further refined and distributed in mid-November meeting in London.

So, what do you think?

Robert W. Grupp
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