This abstract is summarized by IPR from the original journal article published in Public Relations Review.

Karen Miller Russell, Ph.D. studied the lives and careers of Mabel Flanley and Sally Woodward, and the influence they had on women in public relations. The report examined Flanley and Woodward’s impact on inclusion in the public relations industry.

Dr. Russell explains that Flanley and Woodward opened an all-female agency in New York City in 1944. They specialized in targeting women publics, and drew on home economics experiences and women’s clubs to promote a variety of clients.

Key findings include:
-Flanley and Woodward’s successful public relations agency helped other women enter the field.
-Flanley and Woodward influenced other corporate public relations practitioners to focus on women publics.
-Flanley and Woodward’s inclusion efforts paralleled diversity initiatives of other groups.

Read more to discover how the work of Mabel Flanley and Sally Woodward was instrumental for women in public relations.

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