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Download One-Pager: IPR Research Projects 2021

Below are some of our upcoming research projects!



2020 IPR Disinformation in Society (Published!)
The second annual Institute for Public Relations (IPR) “Disinformation in Society” study examines and tracks how disinformation — de­emed as deliberately misleading or biased information — is spread in U.S. society.

2019 IPR Disinformation in Society (Published!)
The inaugural 2019 Institute for Public Relations (IPR) “Disinformation in Society” study examines how disinformation — news that is intentionally misleading — is spread in U.S. society. The poll of 2,200 Americans, conducted March 19-24, 2019, by Morning Consult, explores the prevalence of disinformation in the U.S., the parties most responsible for sharing disinformation, the level of trust the American public has for different information sources, and whose job it is to combat disinformation.

The Future of Work (U.S.) (Published!)
Led by the IPR Organizational Communication Research Center, this study of 25 internal communication leaders looks at how technologies and “the future of work” will impact the enterprise and how the organization operates.

Incorporating Behavioral Science in Public Relations (Published!)
Led by the IPR Behavioral Insights Research Center, this guide offers an overview of the importance of behavioral science in the communication function and what communicators should look for when hiring and incorporating behavioral science.

Mind the Gap: Women in Leadership (Published!)
In partnership with KPMG, this quantitative survey of both men and women in public relations is the second part of a two-part study. Topics include leadership qualities, skills, bias, organizational policies, as well as opportunities and challenges in the workplace. For the first study, please click here.

What Makes a High-Performance Team?
In partnership with Upper90 Consulting and Grand Valley State University, this survey analyzes the drivers of high performance in today’s communication teams through testing of a performance model. Communication leaders and their teams will be surveyed.

The Future of Work (Asia)
In partnership with Singapore Management University, this study of communications executives in Asia looks at the impact of changing technologies on both internal and external stakeholders and how the enterprise is preparing for these changes.

The Science of Social Influence in China
Led by the IPR Digital Media Research Center, this study is a follow-up to a U.S. study on the science of social influence. Focused on retail, this survey of China determines to what extent retail purchases and decision-making are influenced by social media.

The Happiness Index of the Public Relations Industry
In partnership with Leger, this study surveys the public relations industry to find out how happy practitioners are both their workplace and overall.

The Integration of Communications and Marketing Functions
In partnership with NYU, this series of interviews will look at senior leaders of integrated marketing and communications functions to understand how people perceive its effectiveness, opportunities, and challenges, as well as the process of integration.

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