In A Car with IPR is a video series by the Institute for Public Relations, where we get to know some of the leaders in the communications and public relations industry.

We find out what makes them tick, discuss the latest in research, and ask them to look into their crystal ball to see what’s in store for the communications industry. They discuss a myriad of topics including: behavioral insights, employee communication, sustainability, diversity, equity, and inclusion, the future of work, and more!

Episode 12: In A Zoom Call with IPR PT. 2 

In the second episode of In A Car with IPR – Zoom Edition, we meet up again with Brandi Boatner of IBM, Iman Jefferson of Nextdoor, and Kristena Lucky of BCW Global, to discuss how they are approaching 2021 in a whole new light. This talented trio discusses everything from hybrid work models, to the one-year impact of COVID-19, to the influence of the new presidential administration, and more!

Deleted Scenes 

For a deeper dive, watch Brandi, Iman, Kristena, and Tina in the deleted scenes of this episode. They discuss everything from their favorite meals to favorite podcasts, books, and more!

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