In A Car with IPR is a new video series by the Institute for Public Relations where we get to know some of the leaders in the public relations industry. We find out what makes them tick, talk to them about research, and ask them to look into their crystal ball to see what’s in store for the industry.

Episode 6 | Catherine Blades, Aflac

In this episode, we hop on a streetcar in “The Big Easy” (aka New Orleans) and discuss the latest in PR research with Catherine Blades, SVP and Chief ESG and Communications Officer at Aflac. Catherine gives us her take on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I), the future of PR measurement, and the importance of CSR.
In honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness month, we also meet up with a special guest who introduces us to the My Special Aflac Duck! Named one of Time’s best inventions of 2018, Catherine shares how Aflac developed this heartwarming technology for children with cancer in mind.
So please, join us on a tour of the French Quarter, find out what the future holds for the PR industry, and all that jazz!

Deleted Scenes with Catherine Blades

From beignets at Café Du Monde to charbroiled oysters at Drago’s, watch Catherine and Tina discuss the future of PR while trying these New Orleans’ staples. Learn more about Catherine’s career, her favorite book, a favorite pastime, and favorite things about New Orleans!


Previous Episodes

Episode 5 | Marcia DiStaso, University of Florida

In the fifth episode of “In A Car with IPR,” we head to Gainesville, Florida home to the University of Florida. We meet up with Marcia DiStaso, Ph.D., IPR Trustee and University of Florida’s PR Department Chair and Associate Professor. Join Marcia and IPR President & CEO Tina McCorkindale, as they take us on a golf cart tour of the campus while discussing the latest research from the IPR Digital Media Research Center, the future of work, cybersecurity and more!

Deleted Scenes with Marcia DiStaso

Watch Marcia and Tina explore the University of Florida from “The Swamp” to “The French Fries” and everywhere in between. Learn more about corporate purpose, the rewards of working in academia and more about Marcia! She shares her career highlights and why she made the career transition from finance to communications.

Episode 4 | Brian Lott, Mubadala Investment Company

In the fourth episode of #InACarWithIPR, we interview Brian Lott, Chief Communications Officer of Mubadala, a global investment company in Abu Dhabi. In this episode, IPR meets up with Brian in Washington DC, where we take a ride around the US capitol discuss international public relations, the best advice Harold Burson ever gave him, the importance of research and the future of the industry.

Deleted Scenes with Brian Lott

Watch Brian and Tina master the art of riding the electric scooter, re-enact Forrest Gump and discuss some of Brian’s favorite things. Brian shares more about his love for Prince, the opera and the public relations profession!

Episode 3 | Eileen Sheil, Cleveland Clinic

Join us as Cleveland Clinic’s Eileen Sheil takes us through the fast-paced world of health communications. In this episode, Sheil gives us an exclusive tour of a Mobile Stroke Treatment unit, discusses her role at Cleveland Clinic and shares the latest IPR research.

Deleted Scenes with Eileen Sheil 

Want to learn more about Cleveland Clinic’s Eileen Sheil? Check out these  deleted scenes! We talk more about her role as executive director of corporate communications, what makes her tick and the future of PR.

Episode 2 | Steve Cody, Peppercomm

Join Steve Cody, founder and CEO of Peppercomm, as we walk the streets of New York City in our second #InACarwithIPR episode! In this episode, Steve Cody and IPR President & CEO, Dr. Tina McCorkindale talk about research, the future of PR and more!

Deleted Scenes with Steve Cody

Take a look behind the scenes of #InACarWithIPR episode two featuring Peppercomm’s Steve Cody!

Episode 1 | Linda Rutherford, Southwest Airlines

Join Southwest’s SVP and CCO Linda Rutherford as we take flight in our very first #InACarwithIPR episode! In this episode, get a behind-the-scenes tour of Southwest’s headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and learn some valuable communications insights from Linda Rutherford.

Deleted Scenes with Linda Rutherford

Take a look behind the scenes of #InACarWithIPR episode one featuring Southwest Airlines’ SVP and CCO Linda Rutherford!

Blockchain Technology: The Marketing Value of Digital Permanence


When you hear loud voices proclaiming that new technology is going to radically transform industries for better or worse, you know that you’re onto something big. Blockchain technology is the next big thing to hit the PR industry.

Blockchain technology—the innovation that supports the Bitcoin cryptocurrency protocol and so much more— will have a greater impact on the communications and marketing trade within the next five to ten years than social media did from 1995 to 2005.

In this webinar, Phil Gomes, Chief Communications Officer of Bloq, will walk us through blockchain, what’s at stake, what’s happening today, and what is yet possible.

2019 Disinformation in Society | August 1st, 2019

Sixty-three percent of Americans view disinformation—or deliberately misleading or biased information—as a “major” problem in society, on par with gun violence (63%) and terrorism (66%), according to the 2019 Institute for Public Relations Disinformation in Society Report.

The 2019 IPR Disinformation in Society Report surveyed 2,200 adults with Morning Consult to determine the prevalence of disinformation, who is responsible for sharing disinformation, the level of trust in different information sources, and the parties responsible for combatting disinformation.

Learn more about disinformation’s role in society in this free webinar featuring IPR President and CEO Dr. Tina McCorkindale.

With Data and Intelligence: Coping in a VUCA World | May 16, 2019

With Data and Intelligence: Coping in a VUCA world
In an environment that is increasingly dominated by disruptive, fast-evolving technology, professional communicators are confronted with ever new challenges and opportunities.

Continuous and accelerating change is the new normal. Social media and smart devices have completely changed the playing field of PR within just a few years. Paid, earned, shared and owned media become one and the same in a user’s experience. At the same time, there is growing evidence that the way in which we pay attention and are affected by information is much less conscious and rational, and much more instinctive and affective, than we realize.

Watch this webinar presented by IPR Measurement Commission members Ana Adi, Ph.D. from Quadriga University, and Thomas Stoeckle, host of the Small Data Forum Podcast.

In this webinar, they address skills and capabilities requirements for successful communicators of the future. They also teach you about the latest thinking regarding systematic data-led planning and execution of communication activities, as well as examples of measurement and evaluation best practices.

Measure & Evaluate Internal Communication for Maximum Effectiveness | November 5, 2018

Measure & Evaluate Internal Communication for Maximum Effectiveness

This webinar was presented by the IPR Commission on Measurement and Evaluation in coordination with AMEC’s North America Measurement Week. For too long, the focus for internal communications has been building and measuring employee engagement. But what exactly does this mean, and how do you raise employee engagement?

What Internal Communication professionals should be measuring are the components of engagement—21 to be exact, divided among:

  • Outtakes (whether employees received, paid attention to, comprehended or retained particular messaging),
  • Outcomes (evidence of changes to, or reinforcement of opinions, attitudes or behaviors),
  • Organizational Impact (if and how internal communication has influenced organizational performance).

Recently codified by Sean Williams, Julie O’Neil, and their colleagues (see the February 2018 PR Journal) each grouping has specific standards that can be measured independently of each other and thus be tackled for improvement in many ways—words, symbols, actions, etc. All together, these 21 standards might define “engagement” but without measuring them independently, we really won’t know the root cause of an engagement problem. This session examines the 21 Standards and explore ways that measuring some (or all) can start a change effort all on its own.

Mind the Gap: Increasing Women’s Leadership in PR | October 11, 2018

In this first part of a two-part study, KPMG and the Institute for Public Relations (IPR) conducted a series of focus groups with female and male executives and mid-level leaders in agencies and corporations to find out their views on mentorship, leadership, work-life integration, workplace policies, and their ascension to the top. Both groups gave solutions for how to boost women in leadership in the profession. The results may surprise you!

How Behavioral Science Can Improve Decision-Making in Communications | September 6, 2018

One of the most exciting areas of research today is how behavioral science can help us better understand stakeholder decision making and behavior. This webinar will provide an overview of the promising areas of research in behavioral science and its application in organizations, specifically communications and marketing. Best practices, case studies and examples of behavioral science research from multiple perspectives will be presented.

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Taking a Stand on Social Issues: The Evolving Roles of CMOs and CCOs | August 15, 2018

Download Slides (PDF): Taking a Stand on Social Issues: The Evolving Roles of CMOs and CCOs

Many Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and Chief Communications Officers (CCOs) are now leading the way to give their organizations a social voice, both internally and externally, with employees, customers and clients. Companies are more comfortable with uncertainty and are spending more time addressing social topics that may, or may not, be related to their core business but are guided by their organizational principles and values.

Our special guest presenters—Southwest’s CCO, Linda Rutherford, and Peppercomm’s co-founder and CEO, Steve Cody— will share their adept perspectives of the shifting roles as a result of the current volatile social, cultural and political climate and will discuss the findings of our third study co-branded with Peppercomm.

From Complex to Concise: Using Data Research and Measurement to Simplify Health Communications | May 22, 2018


Download Presentation: From Complex To Concise: Using Data, Research and Measurement to Simplify Healthcare Communications

It’s no secret: healthcare is complicated. From medical terminology and mile-long acronyms, to policy and business jargon, it’s challenging to boil down heavy subject matter into messages that are palatable enough for patients and concise enough for busy providers. Join seasoned healthcare leaders from Dignity Health and Medtronic, Inc. for a discussion on how using data, research and measurement can simplify your healthcare communications strategies, campaigns and messages. Through the lens of meaty healthcare topics such as Value-Based Healthcare, presenters will share proven tips to communicate more effectively with patients and provider audiences.

Millennials @ Work: Perspectives on Reputation, Diversity and Inclusion | June 15, 2017

Download Presentation:  IPR Webinar: Millennials @ Work: Perspectives on Reputation, Diversity and Inclusion

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Millennials now represent the largest generation in the work force (35%), and they will be leaders in organizations and in the public relations profession for several decades. It’s no secret that Millennials place importance on diversity and inclusion (D&I) when considering a new job. 47 percent of Millennials consider the D&I of a workplace an important criterion in their job search compared to 33 percent of Gen Xers and 37 percent of Boomers.

Reputation is another top priority for Millennials when it comes to their careers. They place a higher value on building and maintaining a positive digital presence as a reputation booster at work compared to the other generations. One in five Millennials believe both their work and social media reputations are equally important.

Join Chief Reputation Strategist of Weber Shandwick and IPR Trustee, Leslie Gaines-Ross, and IPR Director of Research, Dr. Sarab Kochhar, with Millennials Josh Ferrari and Maddi Messner as they discuss and analyze the stigma around this age group and what they really seek out of a workplace.

Current Research Trends and Insights in Internal Communications | October 26, 2017

In this webinar, the editorial team of the Institute for Public Relations’ Organizational Communication Research Center, Dr. Rita Men, Katy Robinson, and Patrick Thelen, will give an overview of the current issues, research trends and insights related to internal
communications. Recent studies on important issues such as leadership communication, internal use of social media, change communication, etc. will be reviewed and discussed.

Download Slides:  Trends and Insights in Internal Communication (PDF)

“From Content to Context: Reshaping Employee Engagement” | August 31, 2016


Final Org Clarity Webinar Invite



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