Friends of IPR is a monthly pledge of any amount that helps IPR create, aggregate, publish, and sponsor research that matters to the profession. Your donation helps IPR form a predictable source of income to help serve our mission. With the Friends of IPR program, you can choose any amount you would like to contribute, and change or cancel your pledge at any time. Your contribution is 100% tax deductible.

About IPR

IPR is dedicated to the science beneath the art of public relations.™ We create, curate, and promote research and initiatives that empower professionals with actionable insights and intelligence they can put to immediate use.

By becoming a Friend of IPR, you’re supporting us in our mission and our vision of becoming a global leader for timely, relevant research. Your monthly contribution supports the community of professionals who help predict, investigate, and amplify the needs of the industry.  

Founded in 1956, the Institute for Public Relations is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation dedicated to fostering greater use of research and research-based knowledge in public relations and corporate communication practice.

Our efforts help to restore reputation in an environment of low trust by: 

  • Identifying, publishing, and promoting important research from many sources, including our commissions, Trustees, and the research organizations of major agencies and corporate communications departments.
  • Commissioning new research and using our awards for leverage to encourage research on high-priority topics.
  • Amplifying our influence and reach through relationships with organizations that we have traditionally considered partners (e.g., public relations associations, trade groups, academic institutions, and funded academic centers); and going forward, with organizations more readily recognized by CEOs and other organizational leaders.

What Your Friendship Funds

By donating $25 per month, your gift covers the cost of production for an IPR webinar, which is free to the public.

By donating $50 per month, your gift provides a scholarship for a student to attend our annual Bridge Conference.

By donating $100 per month, your gift helps fund an IPR signature research study.

Once you enroll in Friends of IPR, you will receive a commemorative IPR lapel magnet to thank you for your continued commitment to excellence in research and service to the field of public relations.

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