The IPR Research Letter is a weekly digest connecting you to noteworthy actionable academic and applied research in public relations, corporate communication, and beyond.

A new edition is sent every Wednesday to keep you updated on the science beneath the art of public relations. Our focus with each edition is to provide you with insights on the latest research in the field so that you can put that information to immediate use.

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For Academic Professionals

Academic professionals can contribute to the IPR Research Letter by summarizing communications research into engaging blog posts for the PR industry. In addition, you can contribute your academic research on public relations and communications industry trends or collaborate with us to appear in one of our featured posts. For more information, email Olivia Kresic at

For PR Professionals

The Institute for Public Relations values the experience of industry leaders who observe and influence communications trends first-hand. Professionals are encouraged to contribute their latest research-based public relations and communications industry insights to the IPR Research Letter. For more information, email Olivia Kresic at

For Students

IPR has a student organization called the IPR Street Team. Students have the opportunity to get their work published in the IPR Research Letter. In addition, being on the IPR Street Team presents unique networking opportunities, opportunities to build a professional portfolio, and more!  For more information, please visit

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