Below are some highlights of the recent press coverage featuring the Institute for Public Relations. 
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2024 Press Highlights

IPR Report | How Communicators Can Help Manage Election Disinformation in the Workplace
PRNews: PR Roundup: IPR’s Election Disinformation Report
Agility PR: Combatting Election Disinformation in the Workplace: New IPR Research Reveals Strategies for Managing Content and Inoculating Stakeholders

IPR Report | Generative AI in Organizations: Insights and Strategies from Communication Leaders 
Bulldog Reporter: New IPR research examines how comms leaders are approaching Generative AI as a tool rather than a strategy — and why it works
PR News: How Comms Leaders Use AI

IPR Report | Collaborators for Change: Research on the Relationship between Communications and Diversity Executives
Agility PR: Exploring the relationship between communication and diversity execs: Strategies, best practices, and challenges to driving positive change
HR Daily Advisor: New Report Explores the Close Interplay Between Chief Diversity Officers and Chief Communications Officers
Forbes: Unlikely Collaborators: Communications and Diversity Executives In Driving Organizational Culture Change
That Solo Life: Episode 254: The Work of Diversity — A Conversation with Anetra Henry
TLNT: What HR professionals can learn from the relationship between comms and diversity execs 

IPR NEXT | A New Membership Community for Emerging Leaders
Agility PR: Institute for Public Relations Launches New Membership Community for Emerging Leaders
PRNews: PR Roundup: IPR’s Emerging Leaders Program

IPR-MAHA Report | Do Actions Speak Louder than Words?
AgilityPR: The financial impact of corporate reputation: New IPR research reveals the true cost of brand-image shortfalls – both real and perceived

General IPR Coverage
PR News: Q&A with IPR Measurement Commission: Top Issues on the Minds of Members
PRNEWS: Measurement KPIs, AI, Tools and Reputation Evaluation Strategies for Corporate Communicators
The Florida Times Union:
Ponte Vedra author: ‘Death of discernment’ helps election misinformation, lies to spread
PRNEWS: IPR Conference Showcases Data to Improve Communications Strategies 


IPR-Leger Report | 4th Annual Disinformation in Society Report
On Top of PR with Jason Mudd: How PR Can Help Journalism Survive
Leger: Disinformation in Society 
Bulldog Reporter: Majority of Americans see 
misinformation and disinformation as greater threats than terrorism, climate change, and border security
Fox 5: New polling shows Americans trust friends and family most for political information
Public Affairs Council: How to Spot Fake News in the Age of AI
News Literacy Project’s ‘Rumor Guard’ seeks to stop misinformation as 2024 elections near

IPR-Voya Report | Disabilities in the Workplace: Culture, Communication, Support, and Inclusion 
Bulldog Reporter: New IPR Study Reveals Gaps Between Leaders’ and Workers with Disabilities’ Opinions about Workplace Inclusion Commitment and Communication 
PRWeek: Why our industry needs to better support people with disabilities and caregivers in the workplace
PR News: Why Companies Must Foster Inclusion for People with Disabilities
Forbes: Why TV AD Campaigns are an Often Overlooked Tool for Corporate Disability Inclusion
Bulldog Reporter: Consumers and employees want more inclusion of people with disabilities in brand marketing
CommProBiz: Embracing Accommodation, Inclusion, and Trust is My Journey Through Partial Permanent Disability 

The Business Case for Focusing on Employee Mental Health
Odwyer’s PR News: Burnout, ‘Quiet Quitting’ Take Center Stage

Top 19 Public Relations Insights of 2022
PR Daily: 19 public relations insights you need to read
PRovoke Media: Empathy, Earned & Insights
Bulldog Reporter: IPR looks back on 2022, and compiles top PR insights of the year

2023 IPR Leadership Slate Announcement
PRWeek: Institute for PR unveils 2023 leadership
CommPro: Institute for Public Relations (IPR) 2023 Leadership Update
Bulldog Reporter: IPR Announces 2023 Leadership Slate
O’Dwyer’s PR News: On the Move: IPR Names CVS Health’s Woodall

IPR Opens Second Office at the University of Oregon
PRovoke Media: Industry News in Brief (February 20, 2023)
MENAFM: Industry News in Brief
Bulldog Reporter: IPR Expands by Adding Second Office in Partnership with the University of Oregon

D S Simon Media: PR’s Top Pros Talk…Combatting Disinformation 
O’Dwyer’s PR News: PR’s Top Pros Talk: Tina McCorkindale
Policy Options: Before the next health 
crisis, we need to grow trust and fight misinformation 

General IPR Coverage
PR Daily: The impact of diversity fatigue and how to combat it
Muck Rack: Webinar Recap: Celebrating Black PR history — beyond the data
Entrepreneur: How to Make the Most of Your Public Relations
PR Daily: Why you need to consider validity in your measurement strategy 
FullIntel: Top 2023 PR and Communications Webinars and Virtual Events 
PR Daily: AAPI comms pros use ‘data and narrative’ to help bridge gaps 
PR Daily: Announcing the 2nd Ragan Research Award in partnership with the Institute for Public Relations 
PR News: Why PR Should Own the Metaverse
PR Daily: 3 ways to close the gender gap in PR leadership 
PR Daily: How to avoid ‘success theater’ in your social media measurement 
PR Daily: The best way to respond to an AI crisis

2022 Press Highlights

IPR 2022 Disinformation in Canada Report
Leger: 2022 Disinformation in Canada Survey
Bulldog Reporter: Why Companies Need to Do More to Fight Disinformation
Policy Options: Before the next health crisis, we need to grow trust and fight misinformation 

The Perceptions of Sustainability by Cision and the Institute for Public Relations
PRNews:Tips for Communicating About Climate Change and Sustainability

IPR 2022 Distinguished Lecture & Awards Dinner
Bulldog Reporter: IPR Announces Fortune CEO Alan Murray is the 2022 IPR Distinguished Lecturer 

IPR ELEVATE: New Membership Community
O’Dwyer’s: News of Firms: IPR Launches New Membership Program
Bulldog Reporter: The Institute for Public Relations Launches IPR ELEVATE Membership Community

IPR 2022 Disinformation in Society Report
MediaPost: Americans Don’t Know Whom To Trust in Media
Bulldog Reporter: Why Disinformation is One of the Biggest Problems in Society
Modern Marketing Today: How Marketing and Public Relations Professionals Can Combat Disinformation
Malaysian Digest: How is Source Credible in Journalism 
BusinessMirror: The coronavirus chronicles: PR’s seven deadly sins and how to avoid them

Top 17 PR Research Insights of 2021
PRSA: Most Americans Consider Disinformation a Problem, Study Finds
IM News: Measured Thoughts
PR News: Top Research for PR Pros and Tech Companies Address Anxiety Over Return to the Office
Bulldog Report: Lessons Learned from IPR’s Top 17 PR Insights

General IPR Coverage
O’Dwyer’s: Why DEI Should Live within Your Brand Narrative
Market Screener: What a Crisis Manager Does and How to Be a Great One
PRovoke: Global Agency Networks Grapple with their Responses to Russia’s Assault on Ukraine
PRovoke: The Key To Achieving Workplace Equity Is To Not Focus Solely On Race
Martin Waxman: Could A Chatbot Be Your Friend?
O’Dwyer’s: Cision and IPR Present the 2022 Cision Insights Award to University of Florida Doctoral Candidate Yufan “Sunny” Qin
O’Dwyer’s: “IPR Master Class: Immersive Media & Storytelling” kicks off with a call on August 24
O’Dwyer’s: IPR Master Class: Immersive Media & Storytelling Kicks off with a Call on August 24
Idea Grove: Top 25 Blogs and Podcasts to Follow in 2022
PR Daily: Findings from the 1st Ragan Research Awards: ESG Narratives on social media
PR News: We Asked ‘What’s Your PR-Related Wish for 2023?’ Here’s What 30 Communicators Said
The Fashion Law: Balenciaga’s Ad Controversy: A Case Study in Crisis Communication
Creativebrief: The Social Admin: (arguably) the most undervalued role in adland


2021 Press Highlights

The Communicator’s Guide to Research, Analysis, and Evaluation
IPR Signature Study Presented by the IPR Measurement Commission
PR Week: IPR Releases Research and Analytics Guide for Communicators
PRSay: What Communicators Need to Know About Measurement Right Now

A Communicator’s Guide to COVID-19 Vaccination
IPR Signature Study Sponsored by Voya Financial, Orangefiery, and Dignity Health
PR Week: The Communications Effort: Smart Work by Smart People
PR Week: The Vaccine Project Newsletter: A Shapeshifting Response to a Shapeshifting Pandemic
Bulldog Reporter: Vaccination PR: How Communicators Can Help to End the COVID-19 Pandemic
Burrelles: How to Successfully Navigate COVID-19 Vaccine Communications
Valigia Blu: Come comunicare la vaccinazione anti COVID-19 a chi è incerto
Oklahoma 100: Communicating effectively with employees about the COVID-19 vaccine

The Evolving Communication Function
IPR Signature Study by IPR and PR News
Bulldog Reporter: The Evolving Communication Function: New IPR Research Explores the Structure & Future of PR
Global Alliance: Institute for Public Relations: The Evolving Communication Function

The 2021 Future of Communications in Asia Report
IPR Signature Study
Provoke: IPR Report Encapsulates Asia’s Key Communication Drivers
Telum Media: Research Round Up: Our pick of the reports across APAC
Mrigashira: Communicating with Communicators: Sarah Crawshaw and Stephen Thomas on the Future of Communication

The Language of Diversity A Report on How Communication Leaders Are Defining and Discussing DE&I in Organizations
IPR Signature Study by IPR and The Wakeman Agency
O’Dwyer’s: Words Matter in DEI Programming
The Bulldog Reporter: PR Diversity: New IPR Report Reveals How Comms Professionals are Defining and Discussing DEI
PR Daily: Report: The Words We Use to Discuss Diversity and Inclusion

General IPR Coverage
Forbes: Building the Right Foundation with Your New PR Partner
The Bulldog Reporter: IPR Announces 2021 Leadership Slate
The Bulldog Reporter: University of Oregon Wins Top Prize in Page and IPR Case Study Competition
PRSA: Voices for Everyone: Disinformation Research
PR Week: Having Urged Everyone Off the Sidelines: It’s Time We Heed Our Own Advice
Ragan’s PR Daily: Critical Race Theory has a Role to Play in Business Communications and PR
Education Technology: Social Media Helps Muslim Youth Celebrate Their Religion
PR Week: Best Places to Work 2021: A Talent for Caring

2020 Press Highlights

IPR Center for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Press Release: IPR Launches New IPR Center for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Research 
PR Week: Institute for PR Launches DE&I Research Arm
O’Dwyer’s: Institute for PR Launches DE&I Resource
PRovoke Media
The Institute For Public Relations Has Launched A New Center Of Excellence Dedicated To Furthering DE&I In The PR Industry

COVID-19: How Businesses Are Handling the Crisis
IPR Signature Study in partnership with Peppercomm

PR Nation
: Breaking: IPR Polls Pros on COVID-19 Response
IC Kollectif: Coronavirus: A Helpful List of Resources for Communications Professionals
International Communication Consultancy Organization: COVID-19: Crisis Communication Principles and Crisis Preparedness Best Practice Newsletter
Ragan PR Daily: Report: 62% Says Comms Dept is Critical to Org’s COVID-19 Response
O’Dwyer’s: PR Plays Key Role in Fighting COVID-19
PR News: Daily Coronavirus Updates: Communications, Coverage and PR Best Practices
Bulldog Reporter: How Are Comms Execs Handling the COVID-19 Crisis and Which Sources Are Most Trusted New Study Finds 81% of Communication Functions Are “Important” or “Very Important” to Company’s COVID-19 Response
PRovoke: Communicators Emerge As Key Players In Corporate Coronavirus Response
Page: Coronavirus Resources
MediaPost: Businesses Unprepared for COVID-19 Crisis
Business2Community: PR Double Downs on Coronavirus Communications Efforts
Ragan PR Daily: Peppercomm’s Steve Cody: “Our Discipline Has Risen to the Occasion”
O’Dwyer’s: Compassionate Communications in the Time of Coronavirus
Treasury & Risk: Prepare Today for the Crisis of Tomorrow
Forbes: Managing Communications And Brand Through A Crisis

Special Report: How Companies Are Engaging Employees During COVID-19
IPR Signature Study in partnership with Peppercomm Special Report: How Companies Are Engaging Employees During COVID-19
PRSAy: New Research Indicates a Positive Impact on Employee Engagement and Collaboration During COVID-19 Crisis
Ragan’s PR Daily: Only 10% Have Extensive Plans for a Return to Work
PR News: Growth in Polls and Surveys Offers PR a Vision of the New Normal
Bulldog Reporter: Comm Execs Still in the Early Stages of Preparation for Employee Return to Work
News is My Business: Op-Ed: Redefining Internal Communication in times of COVID-19
Forbes: Council Post: This Crisis Will Put A Human Face on Business Technology
Alliance for Women in Media: Public Relations in the Pandemic: The Role of PR in Addressing the Coronavirus Crisis
World at Work: Returning to the Workplace
CEO World Magazine: Returning To The Workplace: Communications Best Practices To Re-connect Employees During An Ongoing Crisis
Recruiter: Employee Reboarding: How to Successfully Communicate Your Return-to-Work Plans

Study: Employee Expectations Are Changing Due to COVID-19
IPR Signature Study in partnership with The Harris Poll
O’Dwyer’s: Locked-Down Employees Are in No Rush to Return to Offices
PR Week: One of the Biggest Change Management Moments We’ve Ever Experienced
Bulldog Reporter: IPR Explores the New Workplace – and Employees’ Changing Expectations
The Agency 100: The End of the Open Office Agency?
HR Morning: Employees’ New Expectations and 7 Ways to Meet Them

Report: How Engaged Are Employees During COVID-19
IPR Signature Study in partnership with Leger How Do Employees Rate Their Company’s Communication in COVID-19?
Bulldog Reporter: Are We Overly Optimistic about Employee Engagement During COVID-19

Leadership Perspectives: Leading and Looking Ahead Through COVID-19
IPR Signature Study in partnership with Peppercomm
O’Dwyers PR: News of Firms: Institute for PR, Peppercomm Launch E-Book About COVID-19 Impact on PR
This Day: Communication in COVID-19 Times
Bulldog Reporter: How Are Communicators Looking Ahead Through COVID-19
Media Update: Three Ways to Show You are a Trustworthy PR Professional It’s High Noon For Employee Engagement
PR Week: In Crisis Response, Start with Real-Time Listening
Exchange 4 Media: Public Relations Assumes Critical Role as Organizations Up Their Communications Game The Importance of Putting People First During COVID-19
Bulldog Report: “These are the Times that Try Communicators’ Souls”
Business Review: The Best Communication Tools During and After the Pandemic
Business Review: Why A Brand’s Relevance Matters As Much As Its Reputation
Flagship Consulting LTD: What Have Leaders Learned from the Global Pandemic?

2020 IPR Disinformation in Society Report
IPR Signature Study by IPR President & CEO Dr. Tina McCorkindale
The Bulldog Reporter: Disinformation in Society: New Institute for PR Research Examines and Tracks Its Spread
PR Daily: 3 in 4 Americans Report Seeing Disinformation Weekly
PR Daily: Measured Thoughts
USC Annenberg: Localizing the Fight Against Disinformation
The Strive Project: Be an Information Advocate
Entrepreneur: How to Transform Media Coverage into Leads

Report: The Career Path of a Social Media Professional
IPR Signature Study in partnership with Ragan Communications and The University of Florida PR Department
PR Daily: Social media managers lack a clear path to senior leadership roles
O’Dwyer’s PR: Social Media Managers on the Move
Bulldog Reporter: Career Path of a Social Media Pro: These Managers Work Harder, Will Leave Their Positions Sooner
PR Daily: Catch Up With Our Report What We Now Know About the Career Path of Social Media Managers

General IPR Coverage
BizCommunity: #BizTrends2020: Three Mega-Trends That Will Shape the Future of Public Relations and Communications
The Holmes Report: In Memoriam: Harold Burson
Accounting Today: How to Build Diversity in Your Firm
Ragan’s PR Daily: Share Your Social Media Journey
Ragan’s PR Daily: The Role of Communicator Shines Bright During the Pandemic
Leger360: Internal Communications During the Pandemic: A Leger Webinar
O’Dwyer’s: IPR Announces a Series of Three Conferences that will Focus on the Future of the PR Industry.
WGBH: PR Expert: Whole Foods Should Not Prohibit Employees From Wearing Black Lives Matter Masks
PR Week: Peppercomm Launches Sentiment Mapping Tool
O’Dwyer’s: Institute for PR Tackles Race in PR Classroom
Mississippi Business Journal: The 7 Deadly Sins of Public Relations
PR Week: ‘America Has No One Left to Trust’: Former HHS Comms Staffers on COVID-19 Report
USC Annenberg: Graduate Student Receives the Institute for Public Relations 2020 Makovsky Best Master’s Thesis Award
PR News: 71% of PR Pros See Responsibilities Growing, Through 64% See Flat Budgets and Headcounts
Georgetown University: Future of PR lies with People, not Products, Expert says
Forbes: How Workvivo Is Helping To Keep Virtual Workforces Engaged
Health Day: Why COVID Lies on Social Media Are So Seductive

2019 Press Highlights

2019 IPR Disinformation in Society Report
Sponsored by Public Affairs Council and Aflac
PRSA: PRSA Responds to IPR’s Disinformation in Society Report: Public Relations Professionals Must Lead the Way in the Fight for Truth and Against Disinformation
Ragan’s PR Daily: Journalists a Top Source for Providing Accurate News
State of Digital Publishing: How Responsible are Social Media Platforms for Spreading and Fixing Disinformation
Bulldog Reporter: Americans Say Disinformation is a “Major” Societal Problem — Is PR to Blame?

Statista: Disinformation Viewed as a “Major” Problem in the U.S.
O’Dwyers: Fake News A “Major” Problem in U.S. 
Digital Information World: Disinformation is Affecting People’s Lives Forever But Who Is Responsible For It?
The Columbus Dispatch: It’s Time to Stem the Spread of Fake News
The Holmes Report: What is PR’s Role in the Fight Against Disinformation?

Mind the Gap: Women’s Leadership in Public Relations

Sponsored by IPR and KPMG
PR Week: Tina McCorkindale, Institute for Public Relations’ President and CEO, Joins The PR Week Podcast
O’Dwyers: Gender Gap Still Persists in PR
Bulldog Reporter: Mind the Gap – How PR Can Move More Women into Leadership Roles Why Gender Equality in Public Relations is Not a Woman’s Issue, But an Everyone Issue
EUPRERA: Institute for Public Relations holds Free Webinar on Women’s Leadership in PR
Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations  Millennials in PR: Sarah Dougherty
Insight into Diversity: The Public Relations Industry is Too White and the Solution Starts with Higher Education

The 2019 IPR Future of Work Report
Sponsored by W2O Group and The Conference Board
Bulldog Reporter: The Future of Work: New Research from the Institute for PR Examines Unfolding Crisis
PR Week: Comms Leaders Need to Start Figuring Out the Gig Economy
State of Digital Publishing: How Gig Workers are Affecting the Future of Work

General IPR Coverage:
ABC News: Timing of Colin Kaepernick’s Workout Raises Questions of NFL’s Intentions
Bulldog Reporter: Boston University Students Olivia Zed and Sarah Dasher Winners of the Page and IPR Case Study Competition
Business2Community: How Businesses Can Refute Fake News & Misinformation
Buzz Travel: Truth on Trial
Capitol Communicator: New Report Highlights Agency Search and Hiring Best Practices “In A Car with IPR!” Featuring Eileen Sheil, Cleveland Clinic “In A Car with IPR! Featuring Marcia DiStaso, University of Florida Peppercomm Co-Founder and CEO Steve Cody Elected Chair of the Institute for Public Relations Board of Trustees Institute for Public Relations Unveils New Look & Brand Narrative In A Car with IPR: Episode Six Featuring Catherine Hernandez-Blades
CNBC: Eight in 10 Tech Companies Offer this Fix to Reduce Gender Bias at Work
Flack Pack Podcast: 10 Ways to Combat Misinformation
Forbes: A Boomer’s Nod To Millennials: Tips for Leading Younger Generations
The Holmes Report: Study: Thorough Agency Searches Lead to Better Outcomes
Hubspot: 13 PR Blogs You Should Be Reading This Year
Odwyer’s: Companies Fall Short When it Comes to Hiring PR Firms
Odwyer’s: Institute for PR Freshens Up Look
PR Week: Measuring PR Correctly
PR Week: Bob Feldman Rolls Out Dialogue Project
PR News: How to Measure Relevance, Influence and Media Coverage
PR News: Lessons Earned: When Believing the Client’s Promise Goes Wrong
PR News: Lessons Earned: How Shortfalls Can Become Strengths
Ragan/ PR Daily: Study for Nonprofits, A Silver Lining Regarding PR Metrics
Ragan’s PR Daily: IPR Creates Buzz with ‘In A Car’ Video Series
Ragan’s PR Daily: Battling Olympic-Scale Competition for Coverage of a Startup Launch
Ragan’s PR Daily: How An Inspirational Content Series Became A PR Powerhouse
Ragan’s PR Daily: How to Respond When You Go Viral for the Wrong Reasons
Ragan’s PR Daily: #RAREis: Providing A Voice for the Rare-Disease Community
Ragan’s PR Daily: Inside Experian’s Bid to Help Consumers Boost Their Credit Scores
Ragan’s PR Daily: The “Woke Moment” That Fostered the Executive Audit
State of Digital Publishing: The Importance of Technographics: Not Everyone is an Active Online Poster

2018 Press Highlights

In A Car with IPR: Video Series
Bulldog Reporter:  IPR Launches Video Series: In A Car with IPR
Bulldog Reporter: IPR Releases First Episode of its New Video Series In A Car with IPR
EUPRERA: In a Car with IPR Second Episode Released

Taking a Stand: How CMOs and CCOs are Redefining Their Roles in Today’s Highly Charged Social, Cultural and Political Climate
Sponsored by IPR and Peppercomm
Bulldog Reporter: As Political and Societal Crises Impact Brands, PR’s Role More Important Than Ever
EUPRERA: Research Results: The Role of CMOs and CCOs

General IPR Coverage
PR Week: Highlights from the 57th Annual Distinguished Lecture & Awards Dinner Highlights from the IPR 57th Annual Distinguished Lecture & Awards Celebration   
PR News: Measurement Week: How to Evaluate VR and AR  
PR News: Measurement Week: Here’s How to Study Corporate Reputation
PR News: Measurement Week: How to Measure Business Adoption of Purpose
PR News: Measurement 2018: Optimism, AI’s Intrusion, Data Overflow and How to Get Better Insights
PR News: Measurement Month: The Lack of Real Intelligence in Media Intelligence
The Holmes Report: Podcast Interview with IPR’s Tina McCorkindale Silver Anvil Judge’s Tips: Tina McCorkindale, President and CEO, Institute for Public Relations What PR Measurement Can Offer Telling Truth to Power IPR Awards CEO of PRIME Research the Jack Felton Medal for Lifetime Achievement