IPR ELEVATE is a diverse and select membership community of 25 to 40 high-performing innovators and catalysts for growth, change, and advancement who support the mission and insights-focused work of IPR.

IPR ELEVATE offers engagement opportunities to ambitious communication leaders who are passionate about the research-focused mission of IPR and have a desire to contribute to the industry. This organization comprises leaders who are high achievers with an entrepreneurial spirit in a wide range of industries and organizations (i.e., corporate, agency, nonprofit, academic, etc.).


  • Opportunity to contribute to and serve in leadership roles in the industry
  • Learn about the latest industry research and insights from IPR ELEVATE peers and IPR Trustees
  • Skill-building and knowledge-building opportunities
  • Help promote the mission of IPR
  • Professional development and networking opportunities



Opportunity to participate in specific IPR+ONE events and Trustee programs

Exclusive programs

Exclusive programs, hot topic discussions, social events, and leadership development opportunities within an established cohort

Platform to share ideas

Platform to share ideas/discuss issues that matter to them in their jobs and careers

IPR Commissions

Ability to serve on an IPR Commission or Center of Excellence or designated committee(s) or task force(s)


  • A smaller group allows for more personalized mentorship and networking opportunities
  • Access to the latest industry research and insights
  • Opportunities to inform and participate in research studies
  • Opportunities to contribute thought-leadership in areas of interest


The ideal candidate is an executive or senior-level leader, or a highly ambitious, high-potential individual (minimum of 10 years of experience) who is passionate about the IPR mission and wants to contribute and improve the industry.

Guidelines for a full-time academic member: 
  • A full-time academic in public relations, communication, marketing or other related discipline at a college or university
  • A Ph.D. in public relations, communication, journalism, or related field is recommended
  • A minimum of seven years of teaching experience in higher education
  • Proven track record of industry-relevant research
  • Evidence of leadership in academic or professional organizations and associations
  • Willingness to engage with practitioners and scholars to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Candidates will submit an application along with their professional details and biography. Nominees may be supported by members of the IPR community, but that is a not a requirement. Those individuals who support an ELEVATE candidate will receive an email with a short recommendation form once the application is submitted. 

Next Cohort Deadline: June 1, 2023

If you have any questions, please email IPR Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives, Anetra Henry, at anetra@instituteforpr.org.


Length: Two-year, renewable terms
Price: $3,500 annually
$1,750 annually for nonprofit members
**If you are a full-time academic, please email us for pricing details**