Suzanne Bouhia is the Chief Marketing and Communications Officer for the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). She leads the Marketing and Communications Group, overseeing the association’s vision, strategy, and long-term communications, branding, and marketing management approach. In this capacity, Bouhia joins NAR’s Senior Vice President team, which supports the association’s CEO and drives strategic priorities to further NAR’s mission.

Previously, Suzanne Bouhia was EY’s Americas Chief Communications Officer and was responsible for the development and execution of a world-class, high-impact communication strategy that grows and protects EY’s brand.

She was a standing guest member of EY Americas Operating Executive and US Executive Committee. She reported to EY’s US Chair and Managing Partner and Americas Managing Partner, who leads more than 81,000 people in 31 countries, with annual revenue of $21.2 billion.

Suzanne led EY’s Americas Communications team, across the US, LATAM, Canada, and Israel. Her team’s breadth of external communications work included media relations, digital and social media, crisis and reputation management, and brand communications efforts.

Suzanne also oversaw employee engagement and communications for EY’s workforce across the Americas, as well as the firm’s corporate reputation in the market, with clients, and with recruits. Her team partnered with award-winning agencies to inform, inspire, educate, and drive change across the organization and beyond.

During her 25 years of leadership experience in marketing and communications, Suzanne also served as EY’s Brand, Marketing, and Communications (BMC) leader for several US regions, the US BMC Leader and Americas Internal Communications and People Engagement Leader. She previously served as the National Director of Marketing and Communications for the Reznick Group.

Outside of the office, Suzanne enjoys spending time at the beach in Delaware and watching her kids’ play sports. Suzanne and her husband have three daughters.