In the Workplace is a video series by the IPR Organizational Communication Research Center (OCRC), which features the latest research in internal communication to inform the day-to-day work of communication professionals.

The OCRC team led by Chief Research Officer Dr. Patrick Thelen interview scholars to provide deeper insight into the latest internal communications research.

Watch the latest episode below!

Episode 1 | How Using Emojis May Affect Perceptions of Leaders

In this seminal episode of In the Workplace, Dr. Patrick Thelen, Chief Research Officer of the IPR Organizational Communication Research Center, interviews Dr. Monica A. Riordan of Chatham University. They take a deeper dive into Dr. Riordan’s recent study, “On the Hazards of the Technology Age: How Using Emojis Affects Perceptions of Leaders,” and discuss the challenges of the technology age.



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