The IPR Commission on Organizational Communication is developing an agenda as knowledge aggregator, model innovator and thought leader in the area of employee communication and engagement.  The Commission members, all Trustees of IPR, selectively invite other leaders in the field to join in funding this work and participating on project steering committees.

The first step is to develop an online knowledge base to help practitioners make best use of research that already exists in this area.  This resource is available free in a new wing of the IPR website.  By aggregating and interpreting the existing research, the Commission will be able to identify important gaps where original research is needed by practitioners

With social, economic, political and technological transformation sweeping the globe, no other discipline will prove more important to business leaders over the next five years than organizational communication. The Commission will play a critical role in shaping the global practice of organizational communication; in ensuring that critical knowledge for guiding current and future leaders in our profession is readily available; and in creating new communities – real and virtual – where tomorrow’s leaders can network, seek solutions and ideate tomorrow’s models.

For more information, please visit the Organizational Communication Research Center.


Dr. Bruce Berger
University of Alabama

S. Keith Burton
Grayson Emmett Partners

Peter Debreceny
Gagen MacDonald

Gary Grates
W2O Group

Maril MacDonald
Gagen MacDonald

Frank Ovaitt
CEO Emeritus, Institute for Public Relations