The Society for New Communications
Research (SNCR, has been awarded a research grant from
the Institute for Public Relations ( and Wieck Media
The research study titled “New Media, New Influencers and Implications
for the PR Profession,” will explore the impact of Web 2.0 and social
media tools on communications and the public relations profession.

The study
is being conducted by a team of SNCR Fellows comprising seasoned PR professionals,
journalists and academics, including Joseph Carrabis, John
Paul Gillin, Richard Nacht, Greg Peverill-Conti, and SNCR research assistant
Myungshin Shayna Kim. Through surveys and case studies, the research team will
investigate how our conceptions of media and influence are evolving, how the
role of PR is being redefined and what new skills are needed.

Public relations,
corporate and marketing communications professionals experienced in the use
of social media in their communications initiatives are invited
to participate in this research. A survey questionnaire is available at
A complementary survey aimed at consumers of social media is also posted at
All consumers of media are invited to participate.

“New media and communications tools and technologies such as blogs, podcasts,
online video and RSS, and the emergence of citizen journalism are redefining
our conceptions of media and influence. This is having a profound impact on
the PR profession,” stated Frank Ovaitt, president and CEO, the Institute
for Public Relations.

“No longer is media limited to traditional channels, nor can influence be
attributed solely to journalists, analysts, industry experts and pundits. Conversation
replaced static corporate messaging, and effective spokespeople and ambassadors
can be found both within and outside of organizations,” added Jen McClure,
executive director, Society for New Communications Research. “This is
an exciting time to be exploring the world of media and communications.”

“By supporting this important research, we hope to provide insight and clear
and functional advice about utilizing new information channels, and also
to help
decide if your organization is ready for social media.” said Tim Roberts,
president, Wieck Media. “There are a lot of buzzwords and hype surrounding
these new mediums and we want to cut through the clutter to provide a better
understanding of the changing landscape.”

The research findings will be
shared at the Society for New Communications Research Symposium, which will
be held December 5-6 in Boston (
The event will be sponsored in part by the Institute for Public Relations
and Wieck Media. Other sponsors include the Boston chapters of the American
Association and Public Relations Society of America, Weber Shandwick and

About the Institute for Public Relations

The Institute for Public Relations
is an independent foundation dedicated to the science beneath the art of
public relations. It exists to build
and document
research-based knowledge in the field of public relations, and to mainstream
this knowledge into practice and education. For more information, visit

About Wieck Media

Wieck Media is the official online technology partner of the
Institute for Public Relations. Launched in 1991 by a group of United Press
the company was founded to facilitate the distribution of news, images
video to print, broadcast and web news outlets around the world. Key
clients include
The New York Times, Kyodo International, Toyota, GM, Honda, DaimlerChrysler,
Ford, Michelin, Verizon, Australian Customs Service, Los Angeles World
Airports, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Haymarket Publishing
in London and
The Arthur W. Page Society. For more information, visit

About the Society for New Communications Research

The Society for New Communications Research is a global nonprofit 501(c)(3)
think tank dedicated to the advanced study of new communications
tools, technologies and emerging modes of communication, and their effect
on traditional media,
communications, business, culture and society. The Society’s Fellows
include more than 40 futurists, scholars, business leaders, professional
members of the media and technologists from around the globe. In
the Society’s members include a Vendor Council with representatives
from more than
a dozen leading technology companies and Organizational Affiliates
comprising industry associations, research organizations and other
leading think
tanks. For more information about the Society for New Communications
visit or
call +1 (650) 331-0083.

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