The Bipartisan Policy Center examined who the public trusts to deliver information about how to vote, election administration, and election results. 

A survey of over 2,155 registered voters across the United States was conducted from Oct. 14-15, 2022, in Colorado (805 voters), Georgia (809 voters), and Wisconsin (501 voters).

Key findings include:

1.) Regarding voting and registration information, local election offices (39%) were the most trusted source.
2.) 45% of respondents trusted search through Google or other search engines for information on how elections are run.
3.) The most trusted sources for election results were local or regional television (34%) and search through Google or other search engines (34%).
4.) Voters aged 18-34 were most likely to look for information about voting and registration using search through Google or other search engines (46%).
— Voters aged 35-44 (44%) were also most likely to use this source for information.
— Voters aged 45-64 (44%) and voters 65+ (55%) were most likely to consult their local election office for information.

Read the original study here.

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