Metric name Awareness (unaided and aided)
Standards area Communications lifecycle (awareness, knowledge, Interest and relevance, relationship, intent and preference, and advocacy)
Metric description and application “Awareness measures can take several different forms. These measures include unaided awareness and aided awareness. The most fundamental measure for public relations is a variation of an awareness measure known as recall. This measure has its foundation in “day after recall” testing that measured if the viewer or reader had any “related” or correct recall of the message elements included in the communication. The most basic level of “related recall” is recall or recollection of the name of the product, service or concept included in the communication being tested.” (Michaelson and Stacks, 2011)
Status Proposed interim standard. This standard is ready for publication for comment by the industry. Subsequently, this standard will be revised, submitted to the Coalition customer panel for review, and then for adoption as an interim standard.
Standard or guideline Standard
Metric Type Communications outcome: “Quantifiable changes in awareness, knowledge, attitude, opinion, and behavior levels that occur as a result of a public relations program or campaign; an effect, consequence, or impact of a set or program of communication activities or products, and may be either short-term (immediate) or long-term.” (Don Stacks, ed. (2006). Dictionary of Public Relations Measurement. Institute for Public Relations.

PDF: Standards Communications Lifecycle – Awareness 

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One thought on “Awareness (unaided and aided)

  1. Is the BASIC model now no longer seen as a good starting place for the ‘communication lifecycle’? Build awareness; Advance; Knowledge; Sustain relevance; Initiate action; Create advocacy. It is mentioned in the IPR dictionary for PR measurement and research but I can’t find anything else on it and Google searches bring very little up.

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