PDF: Social Media Standards – Content Sourcing and Transparency

Metric Name Content Sourcing and Transparency
Metric Decription and Application The Conclave published its first proposed interim standard in June at the
European Measurement Summit hosted by AMEC in Dublin. The “Sources &
Methods Transparency Table” (see below) is designed specifically to address
the challenges clients face in knowing “what’s inside” social media
measurement reports from various agencies, research providers and software
vendors. The standardized table mirrors the “nutrition tables” used by many
countries for easy comparison of calories, nutrition and ingredients in food
The table captures critical information about social media content sources
and methods to provide full transparency and easy comparison across
analyses. What content and channels are included? How is the data
collected? How deep is the analysis? Are multiple languages captured?
Via native-language queries? How are key metrics calculated for reach,
engagement, influence and opinion/advocacy? How is sentiment coded?
How is irrelevant content (bots, spam blogs, etc.) filtered? What proprietary
Status Published
Version, Date and Author Version 1.0
Provided for public comment June 2012
Authors: Tim Marklein, AMEC and members of the Conclave
Standards or Guidlines Standards
Metric Type Outtake
Standards Use Table Below

PDF: Social Media Standards – Sources & Methods Transparency Table

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 12.04.18 PM

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