Recap of the 2018 Page Society Spring Seminar

The field of communications is evolving rapidly thanks to a plethora of new technologies and influences, such as artificial intelligence and the post-Millennial cohort of Gen Z. Communicators need to anticipate and understand how these changes impact our profession and the organizations we represent in the long-term. This year’s Page (formerly the Arthur W. Page Society) Spring Seminar was aptly themed, Are you Future-Proofed? Disruption, Innovation and the CCO.”

The takeaway from the conference is that the tools of the trade may change but strategy will always be at the core. The most discussed platforms, programs, and ideas centered around Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, understanding how different generations are thinking about life and work, the best ways to craft stories, and the importance of upholding purpose and values in difficult times. All these topics help to prepare leaders for the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow.

Using Tweets, the following are my top five takeaways from this year’s Spring Seminar:

#1 Voice control search is radically changing how companies operate and how they interact with customers.

Three tips to optimize your companies standing in voice control search: 1 Change the keywords you are associated with. 2 It better be fast and better be good. 3 Do it now! @lulumeservey @awpagesociety #pagespring

#2 Channels of communication continue to change dramatically, but one thing will remain constant: the ability to communicate the right message to the right audience.

Heliograf can rewrite a story every 60 seconds. @jeremygilbert says @washingtonpost didn’t want human reporters to do mundane tasks. This system points out when things are out of the norm re: political races #ArtificialIntelligence #PageSpring

#3 New technologies will shape our lives in significant ways.

Almost 80% of the work on social media is being automated. It allows for communications departments to have more time to be creative in other ways #ArtificialIntelligence #PageSpring @imadlahad @awpagesociety

Challenges blockchain poses for communicators include: cybersecurity, compliance and regulation, coordinating business processes, maintaining transparency and strengthening trust @srolondon @TomicahTD @joshua_blockchain @awpagesociety #PageSpring

#4 To meet the challenges of the future, we need to understand how to attract, engage and motivate our workforce.

When looking at generations, you have to go beyond age. You have to look at events and condition that take place during their formative years @stillmanjonah #PageSpring @awpagesociety

#5 CCOs must think about when their organizations need to take a stand on social issues.

IPR Trustee @SWAfollower shares how @SouthwestAir advocates for engagement with all stakeholders. #Inclusivedialogue #PageSpring @awpagesociety

Sarah Jackson is the Director of Communications for the Institute for Public Relations. Follow her on Twitter @sarahjackson625.

Heidy Modarelli handles Growth & Marketing for IPR. She has previously written for Entrepreneur, TechCrunch, The Next Web, and VentureBeat.
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