This summary is provided by IPR based on the original study by Pew Research Center

Pew Research Center studied the number of reporters assigned to the 50 state capitols to inform citizens about legislative and administrative activity.

A mixed-methods approach was used. First, research conducted a census of statehouse reporters from Sept. 23, 2021 – March 11, 2022. Interviews of 24 statehouse reporters were also conducted during that time. Lastly, eight in-depth interviews were conducted with reporters who cover Native American communities.

Key findings include:

  • There are now 1,761 statehouse reporters versus 1,592 in 2014, but fewer reporters are full-time in 2022.
  • The largest employer of statehouse reporters is newspapers (25%) followed by nonprofits (20%) and television (16%).
  • Nonprofits now account for a far larger portion of all statehouse reporter than they did in 2014 (20% in 2022 vs. 6% in 2014).
  • More than 100 reporters working at Indigenous outlets cover tribal governments.
  • California had the largest increase in full-time statehouse reporters (up 21 reporters from 2014) followed by Montana (up 15 reporters since 2014).

Discover how the landscape of statehouse reporters in the U.S. has changed

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