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Deloitte examined how organizations and the global economy can continue to grow while reaching climate goals and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

A survey of 2,016 CxOs (C-level executives) was conducted by KS&R Inc. and Deloitte from Sept. – Oct. 2022.

Key findings include:
1.) 61% of C-level executives said climate change would have a “high” or “very high” impact on their organization’s strategy and operations over the next three years.
2.) 75% as CxOs said their organizations had increased their sustainability investments over the past year, nearly 20% of whom said they’ve increased investments significantly.
3.) More than half of CxOs said employee activism on climate matters has led their organizations to increase sustainability actions over the last year—24% of which said it led to a significant increase.
4.) While companies are taking action, it is less likely they are implementing actions that demonstrate they have embedded climate considerations into their cultures to effect meaningful transformations.
— Only 29% of CxOs said they believe the private sector is “very” serious about addressing climate change.

Find the original report here.

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