An analysis of stakeholder conversations on Twitter about the environment and sustainability.

Download Full Report (PDF): The Perceptions of Sustainability

Cision and the Institute for Public Relations (IPR) examined the conversation around environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) topics. This second report focuses on the ‘E’ in ESG — environment and sustainability.

Executive Summary

Organizations are increasingly turning their focus to fighting climate change through sustainable practices. A 2022 report by Deloitte found that 89% of executives agree there is a global climate emergency. Sustainable organizations are also being rewarded financially for their efforts. A Korn Ferry study found that purpose-driven companies post compound annual growth rates of 9.9% compared to an average of 2.4% for S&P 500 companies overall. However, companies are still accused often of greenwashing, or the act of making false or misleading claims about the environmental benefits of a product, service, technology, etc. (Corporate Finance Institute, 2022).

Using Brandwatch’s Consumer Research tool, Cision and IPR analyzed over 170K Twitter posts discussing the intersection of business and sustainability to determine attitudes of consumers, employees, and other key stakeholders toward sustainability and how well companies are doing to fight climate change.

The key terms analyzed in this research report include:

  • Carbon Footprint/Offset
  • Corporate Sustainability Practices
  • Corporate Regulation
  • Greenwashing (disinformation disseminated by an organization to present an environmentally responsible public image)
  • Supply Chain

This study identifies three different camps of social media users (concerned, unconvinced, and dismissive) and presents recommendations for communicators.


Cision began by identifying terms relevant to the topic of business and sustainability and developed a robust search that we used to collect an overall body of relevant Twitter content. In order to explore specific aspects of the broader topic, we used keyword-based tags to focus on social conversation around themes such as greenwashing, supply chain management, regulation, values and specific industries. We conducted further quantitative and qualitative analysis to surface posts with high engagement and compelling messages to paint a picture of the evolving landscape around business and sustainability, including best practices and potential pitfalls.

For the findings, please download the full report.

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