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This Guide is presented by the IPR Measurement Commission

The Communicator’s Guide to Research, Analysis, and Evaluation was created to help public relations leaders understand how they can apply data, research, and analytics to uncover insights that inform strategic decision making, improve communication performance, and deliver meaningful business contributions.

A five-step cyclical process based on the core components of communication research, analysis, and evaluation serves as the cornerstone of this report.

This Guide also underscores why research, analysis, and evaluation are critical in communication. Additionally, the Guide features examples and applications, a research and evaluation cadence reporting table, an outline of commtech tools for enterprises, and the top 10 “must-reads” on evaluation.

Mark Weiner (Primary Author), Cognito Insights
Marcia DiStaso,
Ph.D., APR, University of Florida
Pauline Draper-Watts,
20/20 Insights & Consulting
Christof Ehrhart,
University of Leipzig
Alexis Fitzsimmons, University of Florida
John Gilfeather,
John Gilfeather & Associates
Mohammad Hamid,
Radian Partners
Rob Jekielek,
The Harris Poll
Fraser Likely, 
University of Ottawa & Fraser Likely PR/Comm Performance Management
Jim Macnamara,
Ph.D., University of Technology Sydney
Tina McCorkindale,
Ph.D., APR, Institute for Public Relations
Chelsea Mirkin, Cision Insights
Chris Monteiro,
CM Consulting LLC
Don Stacks,
Ph.D., University of Miami

Nikki Kesaris
Communications & Marketing Manager
Institute for Public Relations

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