This abstract is summarized by IPR from the original journal article published on Kisi Blog.

Kisi completed a study of the four major elements of diversity: ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and disabilities, cognitive disabilities and age, to understand the state of workplace diversity and the different types we encounter in the professional world.

Key Findings:
·       For every 100 men promoted and hired to manager, only 72 women are promoted and hired.
·       High-performance organizations are 37% more likely to hire people with a cognitive disability because they are good talent matches for open positions.
·       LGBT-friendly workplaces lead to improved health, increased job satisfaction, better relationships with co-workers and supervisors, and greater work commitment among LGBT workers.

Read more to learn how the workplace can be more inclusive.


Mehl, B. (2019, November 20). Study: Diversity in the Workplace 2020. Retrieved September 08, 2020, from

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