Pew Research Center researched how Americans view climate change and what steps they think the United States should take to address these issues. The research examines age, political, and regional differences.

A online survey of 10,701 U.S. adults was conducted from March 13-19, 2023. 

Key findings include: 
1.) 69% of Americans favored the U.S. becoming carbon neutral by 2050.
— 90% of Demoratic-leaning Americans support the U.S. becoming carbon neutral by 2050.
— 65% of Republicans aged 65 and older oppose the U.S. becoming carbon neutral by 2050.
2.) 67% of U.S. adults said large businesses and corporations are not doing enough to reduce climate change.
— 58% of U.S. adults said the federal government is not taking enough action.
— 58% of U.S. adults said state officials are not taking enough action.
3.) 69% of Americans said the U.S. should prioritize the development of renewable energy sources.
— 48% of Americans aged 18-29 said the U.S. should phase out the use of fossil fuels completley.
4.) 37% of U.S. adults said climate change should be the top priority for Congress & the President in 2023.

Find the original study here.

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