black american news habits

This summary is provided by the IPR Center for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Pew Research Center analyzed Black Americans’ experiences, habits, and attitudes around news and information.

An online survey of 4,742 U.S. adults who identified as Black was conducted from Feb. 22 – Mar. 5, 2023.

Key findings include:

1.) 58% of respondents said local journalists in their area are in touch with their community, followed by 38% who said these journalists are out of touch. 
2.) 44% of respondents said the coverage of their community is very or somewhat fair.
— 41% said it was neither fair nor unfair
— 12% said it is very or somewhat unfair
3.) 39% of respondents said they see or hear news coverage about their local community sometimes, followed by 36% who witness coverage extremely/fairly often, and 25% who said they witness coverage rarely/never.
4.) 41% of respondents said they get their news from local news outlets, followed by national news outlets(35%), social media sites (35%), and friends, family, and acquaintances (33%).
5.) 40% of respondents said the amount of news coverage on their local community was just right,compared to 25% who said outlets cover less than they should.

Read the original findings here.

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