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Accenture researched “AI maturity” across the industry, which was defined as the degree to which organizations have mastered AI-related capabilities in the right combination to achieve high performance for customers, shareholders, and employees.

A survey of 1,615 C-suite executives at 1,176 of the world’s largest companies was conducted August – September 2021 across 15 countries.

Key findings include:

1.) 12% of firms were “AI Achievers,” meaning they advanced their “AI maturity” enough to achieve superior performance and growth.
– 78% of “AI Achievers” had mandatory AI training for most employees.
– “AI Achievers” were 3.5 times more likely to see their AI-influenced revenue surpass 30% of their total revenues.
2.) 63% of firms were “AI Experimenters,” meaning they lacked mature AI strategies and the capability to operationalize.
3) Nearly 75% of companies have integrated AI into their business strategies.
– 63% of firms said they were still testing the AI waters.
– 46% of CEOs said they mention AI on their earnings calls.
4.) 48% of “AI Achievers” embedded innovation into their organizational strategies, compared to 33% of “AI Experimenters.”
5.) “AI Achievers” tended to embrace new tools and encouraged their employees to experiment with AI.
– 16% of “AI Achievers” were already using platforms that allowed workers to share questions and ideas with colleagues across the company. 
– 44% of “AI Achievers” had employees with consistently high AI skills competencies.

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