New ethics article on counseling management

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From JPRR, copyright 2008 Taylor and Francis:
Here’s the abstract!

Ryan and Martinson (1983) and other scholars argued that the corporate conscience role should belong in the public relations function. But, how common is the use of ethics counsel among public relations professionals? This qualitative research found that many public relations practitioners indeed perform the role of ethics counsel or corporate conscience in their organizations. However, a state of neglect of this role exists in terms of education and support—even lacking support among some public relations practitioners! The well-being of both organizations and publics could be enhanced through both academic study and professional attention to public relations managers performing the role of ethics counsel to the dominant coalition.

This provacative new research found a profound split in public relations: a split between manager and technician, but also between counselor and advocate. Some practitioners routinely counsel on ethical decisions and some do not even want such responsibility! It follows up on many of the themes presented here in the EKP Ethics site.

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