IPR has partnered with The Museum of Public Relations to feature some of the many female PR Pioneers in celebration of Women’s History Month

Muriel Fox is a feminist trailblazer in the public relations industry. Fox started her career as a copywriter for Sears Roebuck in New York and soon after moved to Miami where she headed the re-election campaign of U.S. Senator Claude Pepper. She also helped to elect Miami Mayor William Wolfarth in 1949.

Fox then made the next big step in her career by applying to the largest public relations agency, Carl Byoir and Associates, only to be told “we don’t hire women writers.” Regardless, she persisted and by 1956, became the youngest vice president of the company.

Following her promotion to vice president, Fox was told that she had progressed as far as possible. This led her to co-found the National Organization for Women (NOW), an organization that changed the landscape for women in business. Fox held many executive roles at NOW after its founding, and was also an active advocate for women’s rights through other organizations such as Veteran Feminists of America.

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