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This research studies how women are being represented in the workplace throughout the United States and Canada. Findings demonstrate that the issue is no longer “the glass ceiling” but rather it is the “broken rung” in the corporate ladder, making the first step up to manager the biggest obstacle for women.

This report is based on research regarding talent pipeline and/or program data from 329 companies in a variety of industries across the United States and Canada. In addition, more than 68,500 employees from 77 companies were surveyed on their workplace experiences. Data from 39 participant interviews also contributed to these findings.

Key Findings:
– Companies are adding more women to the C-suite. Today, 44% of companies have three or more women in their C-suite, up from 29% of companies in 2015.
– Of the companies studied, 22% of the C-suite executives are women and 4% are women of color.
– The first step up to manager stands out as the biggest obstacle for women when it comes to climbing the corporate ladder.
– Today, 87% of companies are highly committed to gender diversity, compared to 56% in 2012.

Read the full report to learn about how women are being represented in the workplace.

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