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The Harris Poll and U.S. News and World Report examined Americans’ views on equity, discrimination, and how businesses have addressed these issues.

An online survey of 4,085 U.S. adults was conducted from Oct. 21-30, 2022.

Key findings include:

— 64% of all adults disagreed with the statement that “workplace discrimination is not a problem in the U.S.”
— Only about one-fifth to one-quarter of respondents thought companies had put in a “very good effort” over the past two years to advance racial equity through increasing awareness about racial bias and microaggressions, recruiting and retaining minority talent, minimizing pay disparities, or increasing racial diversity in managerial or other leadership roles.
— The institutions most trusted to make changes in advancing equity were small businesses (76%), nonprofit organizations (72%), educational entities (66%), and healthcare entities (63%).

Learn how Americans expect businesses to help advance equity

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