Dr. David Michaelson, David Michaelson & Company LLC & Dr. Don Stacks, University of Miami
September 17, 2011

September 2011- Dr. David Michaelson and Dr. Don Stacks, Research Fellows at the Institute for Public Relations, co-wrote the paper, “Standardization in Public Relations Measurement and Evaluation”. This article was published in the 2011 Spring edition of the Public Relations Journal.

As the public relations profession continues to focus more and more on outcomes associated with campaigns or public relations initiatives the question of standards has shifted to the forefront of discussions among and between professionals, academics, and research providers. Making this shift even more important to establishing impact on business goals and objectives is the fact that standardized measures for public relations activities have never been recognized. Unlike other marketing communications disciplines , public relations practitioners have consistently failed to achieve consensus on what the basic evaluative measures are or how to conduct the underlying research for evaluating and measuring public relations performance.

Dr. Michaelson and Dr. Stacks presented their paper at the 9th Annual North American Summit on Public Relations Measurement. The presentation, Standards for Communications Measurement, discussed the difference between standards and best practices in public relations.  The two authors shared the importance and benefits of standards and the movement in public relations and corporate communications to measure outcomes. The presentation also provides a recommended set of standard measures that can be implemented for measuring the outcomes and outtakes of public relations activities.

A copy of the presentation is available for download here: Standardization in Public Relations Measurement & Evaluation

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