Topic: Supervisor Communication and Organizational Commitment

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van Vuuren, M., de Jong, M. D.T., & Seydel, E. R. (2007). Direct and indirect effects of supervisor communication on organizational commitment. Corporate Communications, 12(2), 116-116.


Many studies have demonstrated that communication has strong ties to the core of organizational existence. To study how managerial communication contributes to employees’ work perceptions, this research investigated relationships between supervisor communication and employees’ organizational commitment, as well as the mediating role of person-organization fit (perceived congruence between organizational value and individual value), and organizational efficacy (perception of the general capabilities of an organization) between managerial communication and employee commitment. Data were collected from a survey of 456 employees in a Dutch provider of telecommunication services. The survey measured supervisor communication, person-organization fit, organizational efficacy perceptions, and organizational commitment. Regression analysis and a confirmatory structural equation model were used for analysis.

Results showed that managerial communication–especially feedback from managers to employees and managers’ listening skills–significantly contributed to employees’ satisfaction with the organization and their perceived attachment to the organization. Person-organization fit and organizational efficacy were found to partly mediate the main effects of managerial communication on employee commitment.

Implications for Practice

For managers, listening and giving feedback are key activities to enhance employee commitment. Both listening and feedback should be core values of an organization. Managers and employees can benefit when managers discuss the values with employees while giving feedback, model the values to be practiced, and remain open to feedback from employees.

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