The authors, Danielle C. Lefebvre and Jose F. Domene, examined previously published quantitative and qualitative research studies, the experiences of transgender people in the workplace and identified key themes and patterns. The authors used an analytic method, specifical the scoping review method, to conduct their review.


Key Findings

  • Themes revealed in this study:
    • Support is important from coworkers and externally, to promote the well-being of transgender employees. A lack of support, including discrimination and aggression from coworkers in the workplace was found related to anxiety and depression among transgender employees.
      • 90% of transgender individuals experience harassment or mistreatment in the workplace, leading many to hide their gender
      • 71% or delay their transition
      • 57% for fear of discrimination
    • Gender-related concerns include gendered environments and a pressure to perform gender
    • Structural and institutional concerns include policies, laws, and regulations inside the workplace or externally in society that inhibit transgender employees from expressing themselves in the workplace.
    • Resilience, preparedness, and coping strategies was the fourth and final theme




The purpose of this review was to create awareness about the experiences of transgender people in the workplace and the ways organizations, from the top down, can create safe spaces.




Career development practitioners and counsellors must address their biases and assumptions on transgender individuals. They must create a safe space and trusting environment, affirming the employee’s identity through empathy, non-judgement, and appropriate pacing. Leaders, counsellors and coworkers should be aware of the challenges and oppression transgender people face, validating their experience and creating a supportive workplace.


Read the full study, here, to explore the themes in-depth, and learn how to apply them.


Location: This article is available online for free, here.



Lefebvre, D., & Domene, J. (2020). Workplace Experiences of Transgender: Individuals: A Scoping Review. Retrieved from

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