The authors of this study compiled a broad set of data, both qualitative and quantitative, to learn how LGBTQ+ employees are faring in the workplace today. The authors surveyed 2,000 employees at a variety of organizations worldwide, ranging from entry-level to CEOs, and included both LGBTQ+ and non-LGBTQ+ employees. To focus on LGBTQ+ voices, the authors conducted focus groups and interviews with these employees. The study concluded with six recommendations for how to improve the workplace for LGBTQ+ employees and employees with LGBTQ+ family members. This research revealed the everyday experiences of LGBTQ+ employees, many of whom remain in the closet, and aims to create a fairer workplace for LGBTQ+ employees to thrive as themselves.

Implications for Practice:
While improving diversity and inclusion in an organization has been a top priority for many major companies, LGBTQ+ employees, on average, still do not feel completely comfortable with expressing themselves in the workplace. Leaders can takeaway six recommendations from this study to create a culture that enables its LGBTQ+ employees to thrive.

Location: Available online, here. (Article is free, full study for download).

Bailinson, P., Decherd, W., Ellsworth, D., & Guttman, M. (2020, July 16). LGBTQ voices: Learning from lived experiences. Retrieved August 10, 2020, from

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