This summary is provided by IPR based on the original study by Morning Consult

Morning Consult examined American voters’ perspectives on corporate responses to the Buffalo, N.Y., mass shooting.

A poll of 1,702 registered U.S. voters was conducted on May 16, 2022.

Key findings include:

  • 61% of American voters said that companies “probably should” or “definitely should” make a statement that condemns the shooting.
  • 58% of respondents said companies “probably should” or “definitely should” donate money to shooting victims’ families.
  • 34% of participants said companies “definitely” should make a statement that “condemns racism” and “condemns white supremacy.”
  • Differences existed among the generations in terms of what companies should do in response.
  • Gen Z voters and millennial voters were more supportive of possible actions companies could take overall, compared to Gen X and baby boomers.
  • While more than half of Gen X and baby boomers said companies should make statements that denounce the shooting or racism, there was less support for donating money to either gun-control organizations or community groups in Buffalo.
  • Republican respondents were less supportive of potential corporate actions across the board compared to Democratic respondents.
  • Republican respondents’ most popular action (“make a statement that condemns the shooting”) was 27 percentage points below Democrats’ support.

Discover how U.S. voters want companies to respond to the Buffalo mass shooting

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