Morning Consult examined brand trust across industries globally for 2022.

A survey of 2,200 U.S. adults, 1,299 South Korean residents, and 1,000 residents each in Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, and the U.K. was conducted April 8-14, 2022.

Key Findings:
1.) Household names with local roots helped boost consumer trust.
— The No. 1 Most Trusted Brand in 6 of the 10 countries surveyed was established in that country.
2.) Small businesses were well-trusted — for the most part.
— Across North America and Europe, trust in small businesses was quite high, but there was a sizable trust gap in the Asian countries surveyed.
3.) Good value for price and high-quality products/services were crucial for building trust.
— International respondents ranked other elements, such as ethical business practices and good customer service, as less important.
4.) Poor customer service was a primary driver in breaking trust.
— Bad customer service experiences and deteriorating product quality were among the top reasons that global consumers lost trust in brands.

Find the original report here.

Heidy Modarelli handles Growth & Marketing for IPR. She has previously written for Entrepreneur, TechCrunch, The Next Web, and VentureBeat.
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