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Author(s), Title and Publication Kopaneva, I. M. (2019). Left in the dust: Employee constructions of mission and vision ownership. International Journal of Business Communication, 56(1), 122-145. doi: 10.1177/2329488415604457 Summary For more than four decades, organizational mission and vision have attracted a great deal of attention by scholars and practitioners. Mission is a statement of the organization’s … Continue reading Left in the Dust: Employee Constructions of Mission and Vision Ownership

Author(s), Title and Publication: Kopaneva, I., & Sias, P. M. (2015). Lost in translation: Employee and organizational constructions of mission and vision. Management Communication Quarterly, 29(3), 358 – 384. Summary An organization’s mission and vision statements are the official texts that define what the organization is today and will be tomorrow. An effective vision can … Continue reading Lost in Translation: Employee and Organizational Constructions of Mission and Vision.